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9 Jan, 2024 02:36

Andrew Tate handed victory in court

The controversial influencer is seeking to reclaim property taken by Romanian authorities as part of a human trafficking probe
Andrew Tate handed victory in court

A Romanian court will reconsider the seizure of assets from controversial ‘manosphere’ guru Andrew Tate, who faces charges linked to human trafficking and other sex crimes in the East European country. The assets include cash, luxury cars and other items worth an estimated $4 million.

The Bucharest Court of Appeals accepted Tate’s legal challenge on Monday, overturning a previous ruling which rejected a request to return the assets. In the new decision, officials were ordered to reconsider the seizure of property, which will remain in government custody until a final assessment is complete.

The ruling means that Tate – as well as his brother Tristian, who also faces charges in Romania and owns some of the property seized – can return to court to make fresh arguments to reclaim the assets.

Tate’s defense attorney Eugen Vidineac addressed the new development later on Monday, saying “We salute the decision today and applaud the judge for what we consider to be a legally correct and justified ruling.”

In a social media post, Tate hailed the “smart judge” for agreeing to reconsider the asset seizures, adding that prosecutors would have to prove that he had made his money illegally. “They won’t prove a thing because it never happened,” he added, also claiming the seized property was worth $27 million and included homes, cars, gold and cash.

Police were seen removing the assets from one of Tate’s properties near Bucharest in January 2023, including luxury vehicles and multiple watches reportedly worth millions.

Romanian authorities charged the Tate brothers with rape, human trafficking and forming an organized criminal group last year, and had previously detained the two dual US-UK citizens before releasing them into house arrest. They are no longer in custody, but are barred from leaving the country while the legal case plays out.

According to Romania’s anti-racketeering unit, DIICOT, the Tate brothers courted seven women with declarations of love and promises of relationships before taking them to Bucharest and forcing them to perform in pornographic films for the group’s camgirl business. Aside from physical and psychological violence, the women were allegedly forced into debt to keep them working. The Tates have denied the allegations.

A former champion kickboxer, Andrew Tate became a prominent social media figure after he appeared on the British reality show ‘Big Brother’ in 2016. He has maintained a brash and abrasive persona on social media, boasting about his wealth while encouraging his young male followers to pay for courses in which he promised to help them overcome their lack of success with money and women.

Critics have accused Tate of spreading misogyny and having a bad influence on young men. He denies all allegations.